Highly flexible, skilled and results driven Bioinformatics scientist, who
delivers high-quality, decision-relevant information from
systems biology and translational medicine approaches to
generate new disease targets and preclinical and clinical biomarkers.

• Discovery and validation of biomarkers from preclinical and clinical studies.

• Discovery and mechanism of action/toxicity research by combining systems biology (‘omics technologies), functional and pathway analysis and computational methods to generate knowledge from data.

• Management of internal and external alliances by creating and translating strategic visions, due diligence, detail-oriented project management, and fostering an open and effective communication between all players.

Frequently consulted when complex problems need innovative approaches and when information needs to be integrated and communicated between and across domains.  Can quickly identify solutions and create immediate impact in a wide range of areas.

Experienced with transcriptomics, metabolomics, proteomics, genomics, HTS, Nextgen sequencing, chemogenomics, data integration, method development, data analysis, statistics, pattern recognition, predictive modeling. Portfolio knowledge in oncology, immunology, metabolic diseases, neuroscience.