Innovative bioinformatics to address unmet medical needs

Combine vision, diligence, and pragmatism to reduce disruptive innovations to practice.

Dr. Karl-Heinz Ott
Scientific Consultant Belmont, MA, USA
Wiesbaden, Germany
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Experienced Bioinformatician synthesizes knowledge from experiments, big data mining, computation and experience.

Communicates openly in cross-functional matrixed teams and across all organizational levels.

Karl-Heinz Ott contributed quality bioinformatics to Biopharma for about 20 years before he specialized in scientific consulting and business development serving many Biotech and Medtech customers.

His track record includes advancing drugs, biologics and biomarkers from early discovery to Phase II.

Karl-Heinz earned himself strategic leadership positions in teams, departments and businesses driving business critical programs and decisions.

He strategically transformed and diligently managed a large, multi-year alliance portfolio building strong collaborative relationships to create a highly effective and impactful platform for new generations of genetic models.

His innovative get-it-done mindset is reflected in valuable patents and highly rated publications that   extend methods and demonstrate applications in bioinformatics, metabolomics, -omics profiling, statistical methods, artificial intelligence, structural biology, computational chemistry.

Karl-Heinz implemented, improved and integrated knowledge mining with experimental and computational methods to generate decision critical information that led to new therapeutics, and achieved results where others had  given up.

Metarrest, a publicly funded biotech that was co-created and led by Karl-Heinz achieved  POC for a nanoparticle immun-oncology therapeutic.  He advised  Diagnostics and Medtech companies.

Karl-Heinz is driven to provide impactful  contributions that advance the status quo.